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Qizx/open is the first version of Qizx and has been available as an open-source product since 2003.

What is Qizx/open:

Qizx/open is an XQuery processor fully implementing the XQuery language, including XQuery Full-Text, XQuery Update, XQuery Scripting, and most XQuery 1.1 features.

Qizx/open is one of the very fastest and most complete XQuery engines to date.

More on features

Qizx/open has no persistent storage: XML documents must be parsed in memory before use.

Yet Qizx/open offers fast querying on medium size XML collections, as shown in this benchmark. This is achieved thanks to compact and efficient document implementation and caching.

Qizx/open is the XQuery component of the full Qizx product.

The other main component of Qizx is an XML database engine providing the storage and indexing capabilities.

Qizx/open as a component of the complete Qizx product.

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